1930s family home Basingstoke

Boho chic with a 
touch of industrial

Kylie's 1930s house has undergone an extensive ground floor renovation.  All the rooms had been knocked through to create open plan family living.  The new Victorian style kitchen with marble worktops, range cooker and wonderful vintage style glass cabinet is literally the centre of the house.  A characterful brick extension with sliding glass doors faces onto a beautiful garden.  Kylie contacted me as she was stuck on the front living room.  It had good features, a large bay window and wood burner, but the room layout did not allow enough space for a sofa.  A decision was made to block up a hallway door unlocking the space for sociable seating.  We included an artwork gallery behind the sofa and  shutters at the window.  Decor was minimal boho chic with a touch of industrial and lots of plants.  The room blends well with the kitchen and extension and is cosy, warm and stylish.

F&B Hague blue.png

Hague Blue

F&B slipper satin.PNG

Slipper Satin

Kylie Welman

Annie was amazing from start to finish! She took so much time to understand my needs and came up with wonderful ideas for my home that I would never have thought of! Annie is also super responsive to emails which is perfect for such an impatient person as myself! Highly recommend Annie. You can have piece of mind with this talented designer.

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