Suzy's house soft minimalism.jpg

1930s Riverside terrace

"Annie has used careful floor plans and 3D visualisations of my 1930s terraced cottage to make sure she has the story of my home as the basis for ideas.   With Annie you will find a creative partnership which combines your personality, budget and way of living with her expertise, experience and wide knowledge.  This is an affordable way to make sure you don't blunder into costly, ill-suited purchases which looked great in a magazine but turn out to be mistakes."

Suzy Howlett


See all the possibilities from every angle,
furniture, decor, lighting, accessories

Remodel, new extension
and new kitchen

Suzy needed home renovation design ideas for her downsize to a 1930s riverside terrace cottage. 1930s houses  are usually well proportioned with square rooms and ideal for many different design themes.   My designs provided exciting options to help her decide on the final remodel, design and decor.  Alternatives included jewel colours, English country house and soft minimalist.  Suzy's final decision was mid-century modern, which she loves, perfect to give playful character and charm to a 1930s house.


Suzy's house_living room country house style.png