1950s complete refurb

Sue moved into her new renovation just before Christmas 2019.  The wallpaper tells the story.  This solid little house was well overdue for a makeover.  A great choice as a renovation project, but everything to be replaced, new kitchen extension, remove internal walls for open plan, replace wiring, plumbing, create new utility, shower room, before even thinking about upstairs! 

 Sue is doing a fantastic job  - adding a new kitchen extension with sliding doors, removing walls between dining and living room dramatically increases space and light by creating an uninterrupted line of sight from front to back.  Zoning the areas for relaxing by the fire or listening to music, reading or craft activities.  Sue is also considering more flexibility by including pocket doors to separate the areas for cosiness.

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Sue Oak

"I have always been a home-obsessive so don’t consider myself clueless in this area but there is always more to learn, especially from the professionals.  I am in the process of renovating a modest semi and have plans for a rear kitchen extension. 


I thought I was sure about the location and orientation of the new kitchen in a fairly small space but Annie’s creative input and great visuals turned that on its head - twice!  Having a 2D scale plan is one thing but Annie’s clever 3D software brings it all to life; she can even add your chosen wallpaper to the space.  Unprompted, she produced a space plan and visuals for the whole ground floor - from numerous angles - which was exciting to see and allowed me to consider the space as a whole once opened up. 


She made some great suggestions but was also mindful of how I live and my style - a truly tailored service.  I would not hesitate to recommend Annie’s innovative service to breathe new life into your living space.

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