1960s carport conversion

Hidden American bar

Do you have a 1960s house with an unused carport currently used to park the bins?  Why not enclose it with brick and wood cladding, put in a barn door, fill it full of memorabilia, install a wood burner and create an American bar? 

The couple knew they wanted to convert the carport into a outside room, but unsure how to do it.  We held a creative zoom session to debate how a concrete rectangle with limitations and no real view could transform into a relaxing space.   Richard and Nicola are great travellers, love the US and and it didn't take long to come up with the idea of a combo of cabin in the woods and hidden American bar.  Instal a cosy, wood burner, beaten up furniture, barn door,  source stuff from ebay and use all your memorabilia. Exit kitchen door and straight into your atmospheric getaway space!  

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