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Andreas New Build Bristol

Annie helped me a great deal with my house project. I had just moved into my new house and had no idea how to decorate/design the spaces so it works for my needs. She came and visited, talked to me to understand my style and needs and came back with amazing designs and products to fit my space and style. I would never have done this without her help. Annie listens to you and makes necessary alterations as needed and all that in a very affordable price that doesn't break the bank. I highly recommend her and I'll definitely use her in future projects

Andreas Katsavos


See all the possibilities from every angle,
furniture, decor, lighting, accessories

Bristol new build, 
new job, new puppy!

Immediately after moving into his Bristol new build, Andreas contacted me to help create a whole house design.  There was a time element involved as not only a brand new house but his new job as a Director of a Californian IT company started in 3 weeks so an immediate priority was a great WFH space. Another recent addition was Peru, an adorable Retriever puppy.  First task was to create a cool decor scheme and urban style exactly right for Andreas lifestyle and personality.  

Living room 4.png

We quickly put together an earthy colour palette of F&B Dark Reddish Brown and Charleston Grey which complimented the living room charcoal sofa.  Andreas is an amateur photographer who loves travelling to exotic places.  He has collected an extensive collection ready for a great gallery.  The master bedroom has a boutique hotel feel with the same earthy colours and geometric wallpaper.  The WFH office is a calm blue,  perfect for the focus and concentration he'll need in his new job.  Finally a guest bedroom in a light grey and tan with pale wood furniture.  Interior designed new house ready for an exciting new life in Bristol!