Azmi's time critical WFH space

Eleanor and Simon are very busy WFH parents looking after their two little kids in their spacious Victorian London home.  A new kitchen extension return and back elevation had just been completed and gave their house a new space dimension with a great kitchen, dining area and garden room.  But the rest of the house needed a makeover, so they contacted me to help visualise how the rest of their home could look with a new makeover.  With original Victorian features, hallway floor tiles, high ceilings, covings and skirtings the house has a sense of grandeur which absolutely needs highlighting.  The family also wanted a simple contemporary feel, lightness and airiness of space.  

The front rooms were open plan with a playroom in the front bay window area and a new living area complete with built in bookcase which cleverly hides the TV along one wall.  Eleanor and Simon were looking for cohesion between the two rooms, not easy with a playroom and living room which generally have much different colour schemes.  We started with the playroom including a really bright Mini Safari wallpaper and adding a 90 degree low level shelving unit for the children.  This wallpaper became the room inspiration taking the burnt orange colour to tie into the living room.  The house still has its Victorian heritage but with a fresh contemporary makeover.  

Eleanor Kaye,

It was a real pleasure to work with Annie and we are delighted with the results. Having been in our house for 5 years and with a disparate range of furniture, art and fixtures, we wanted a whole of house plan to create something more cohesive and vibrant, and for someone to suggest ideas we’d never have considered yet still felt part of the right aesthetic. We also wanted to retain our existing furniture and add certain key pieces where appropriate. I don’t mind saying that it was not an easy brief!

Annie and Chris were very professional and charming; we had discussed our project with a couple of ‘traditional’ interior designers beforehand, but both cost and the fact that so much relied upon their intuition and mood-boards meant that to go down that route requires both significant outlay and a certain leap of faith. The fact we’ve been able to see our house in ‘virtual’ form with all fittings, paint, paper, lighting and furniture means we never needed to imagine the finished result, we can actually see it. That is a winning proposition to my mind, and we can now embark on our project and employ contractors with a clear picture for both us and they to work to.

Annie was very patient and readily took our advice on board, both when we were happy or when we sought changes/tweaks to the design. We went through a few iterations before landing on exactly what we wanted, even down to moving the odd piece of furniture between the rooms to see how it might look which was extremely helpful. Some areas of the brief were quite challenging, particularly as we wanted our front double-reception to operate as a snug, seating area and playroom all in one.

The results are superb and we’ve been given a comprehensive breakdown of paint colours, furnishings and wallpaper (+ suppliers). We’re excited to begin decorating and start the shopping!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Annie; we’re very pleased we chose her and went down the remote/virtual interior design route.

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