Bristol Modern house refresh

Time for a refresh, say goodbye to Magnolia paint

New home story for a young Bristol couple who loved travel and adventure.  Lucy admitted they had focused on travel rather than spending money on decor.  But now it was time for the builder's Magnolia to go as Lucy needed a speedy update on a budget.  The fireplace was the living room focal point and we removed the MDF surround, replaced with distressed wood wallpaper and a shelving unit with storage for an illusion of depth and space. More space saving achieved with bench seating tucked underneath until needed.  Lucy loved the airy, natural, decor, with new accessories, travel photos, maps.  Now where to go next?

Lucy Waters, Bristol

"It was great working with Annie - she really helped us and gave us the inspiration we needed. She is very friendly and easy to work with. Her work, presentation and communication with us throughout was amazing. I highly recommend her🤗

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