Bristol terrace knock through

Mark and T love their traditional Victorian terrace,  but it was still in its original design and not suitable for modern living.  They needed to improve the tiny kitchen by knocking through into the dining room and their builder had suggested blocking up the hallway door to create a peninsular and wall cupboards.  But on talking to them it quickly become clear that peninsulars or breakfast bars were not their style.

    Mark and T were keen to retain the Victorian integrity for their new kitchen. I suggested blocking up 2 hallway doors to give them a larger U shape and place a simple wooden table centrally (no breakfast bars!). Units are traditional with open shelves.  T was keen to have a batterie de cuisine as she is a serious cook. The kitchen is still charming old school; you can sit at the wooden table, peeling apples from your garden whilst chatting to a friend.  They both love their larger space, but still traditional Victorian kitchen.      

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