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Camden Flat Makeover

Really enjoyed working with Annie.   She provided some very easy ways (I was not thinking of them) to transform my living room to the next level. thank you very much!
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Andrew McMaster


See all the possibilities from every angle,
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and soul to your conversion

Andrew's spacious Camden flat lacked homeliness.  White paint new builds and conversions can be cold and stark.   Developers do this so "new owners can put their own stamp on it" easier said than done!  Andrew contacted me to make more of a personal statement in his living room. He was half way there, he just needed to add some interest and creativity to reflect his personality.   We started by painting the long back wall F&B Studio Green as a background to a gallery of black and white architectural prints. This wall faced the balcony windows so good light for a mirror to reflect the light and balance the smoky dark green

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Andrew living room1_edited.jpg

The TV wall already had a long low media unit with asymmetrical shelving unit to one side. The sloping corner niche had no real identity so we repurposed it as a cosy reading nook with a retro leather chair, floor lamp and bookcase.  Andrew used the dining area for WFH, so we defined this space with bold canvases.  Andrew loved the bold dark colours, so easy to replicate in cushions for the large charcoal corner sofa.  Finally - we created some warmth and soul in the room for a happy Andrew.