Camden flat makeover

Andrew's light and spacious Camden flat in contemporary black and white, lacked a little homeliness. New builds and conversion are typically minimal, in a graphic style, with no colour but can be cold and stark.  We needed to inject a little warmth and soul to prevent it looking clinical. Our initial Zoom discussions explored how Andrew could make more of a statement in his living room by adding minimal elements, keep the restraint, but no clutter!

 We started by adding some bold elements.  The long living room wall is perfect for a gallery of large black and white architectural prints and the centre wall is zoned with a large mirror to reflect light from the balcony window. The space has a sloping corner niche with no real purpose, so we included a retro leather chair, a floor lamp and small bookcase.  The dining area WFH space was brightened up with three solid colour wall canvases.  Andrew loved the colours, easy to reference in cushions for the charcoal corner sofa.  Finally - warmth and soul!

Andrew McMaster,

Really enjoyed working with Annie.   She provided some very easy ways (I was not thinking of them) to transform my living room to the next level. thank you very much!

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