Chocolate Factory, Bristol

Creating a family home from a new blank canvas

The Chocolate Factory site in Greenbank, Bristol known for ‘Elizabeth Shaw’ chocolates dates back to Victorian times. Simon and Caroline recently bought a house in this newly transformed development which includes workspace, retail and community hub.  My brief was to transform a plain white space into a warm family home for Simon and Caroline and their two girls. Moving in with a small amount of furniture. one of their first purchases were two vibrant teal velvet sofas, which fitted into the living room perfectly. The couple have a love of bold colours, but were at a loss as to how to progress with living room decor, so starting with the teal sofas, we built a soft terracotta scheme that complemented teal.  My briefing session also revealed Simon and Caroline liked contemporary but also loved boho chic elements, which we added in the soft furnishings, rustic wood console table and shelving, lighting and accessories..

1 Living room.jpeg

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The property had been designed on the "broken plan" principle, i.e using the best of both worlds, a clever use of structural elements, in this case extra-wide doorways with double doors to maintain light and spaciousness of an open-plan layout but with some delineation and separation.


I deliberately left out the double doors on this project as I wanted Simon and Caroline to view their family room and kitchen from the living room to ensure coordination of all decor.   The soft terracotta paint in the dining room/family room was paired with the same beige/pink paint as in the living room adding a playful coordinating wallpaper, which you can just see on this image.


It's always more difficult coordinating decor with rooms that have different functions, i.e. a living room and a family room/playroom, but by including different elements like wallpaper its easily done as long as you ensure the colour scheme is layered with similar tones.

The family room was currently being used as a dining area but also a play area for their two small children.  The couple were keen for this space to be more dining room than playroom, but as their two girls were still little, they needed somewhere during the day as a play space.

Zoning a space at the end of the room by the sliding doors for the children ensured the table was easily accessible from the kitchen.  As the wallpaper was a large colourful pattern we only used it in one section at the dining end, keeping the bottom end layout with terracotta paint as a backdrop to the white storage unit, taking it around the corner for the children's blackboard, play rug and table and chairs.

Simon's WFH study was off the hallway and it made sense to align the hallway with the same contrasting, black/blue paint on one wall in both study and hallway (see below), leaving the rest of the space white. 

5 Family room.jpeg