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Get ready to move beyond just being interested in interior design to step by step knowledge from a trained professional. 
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Colour wheel.jpg

A guide to colour theory, colour schemes and psychology of colour

  • What is the colour wheel and how it relates to colour psychology

  • Identify the primary, secondary, tertiary colours and how to mix them

  • Terminology, pantone and other colour systems

  • Psychology of bold primary colours as well as neutrals

  • How to identify and use warm and cool colours

  • What are tints, tones shades and how to use and mix them

  • What are complementary colours and how to use them

  • Harmonious colour schemes and what to consider

  • Monotone colour schemes and how to use them

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Title Living Coral.png

30 ideas for decorating with Living Coral, Dulux Colour of the Year 2019

  • Who decides the Colour of the Year and why is it relevant to now?

  • Small accessories can add a colourful accent to any room

  • Looking for complementary colour schemes to Living Coral?

  • Give your existing furniture a new lease of life!

  • Accessible paint colours and online retro wallpapers

  • Give your bathroom a makeover with paint and new towels

  • Neutral scheme? Use one pop of Living Coral for some impact

  • Budget friendly Eames style chairs £24 and tableware from Argos

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Pink living rooms.png

51 Pink Living Rooms with tips, ideas and accessories to help you find your design yours

  • What is the psychology around the colour pink?

  • Find your shade of pink from pale blush to the intense heat of hot pink

  • Complementary colours to accentuate the room design

  • Contrasting hues to balance out the pink sweetness

  • Furniture and living room accessories

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