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Detached village family house

Traditional and modern 
mixing your styles

Marcus and Grace and new baby recently moved from Bristol into a detached house in a traditional Wiltshire village.  The light and spacious house stands in a wrap around garden, in need of an update to make it practical and contemporary for modern family life. Specifically the renovation had to reflect designs for the living/dining room with a focal point black granite fireplace, a WFH study makeover  to inspire focus and concentration (blue)  and inspirational positivity (orange), a kitchen restructure, re-site downstairs cloakroom, new hallway staircase and decor for master bedroom, en-suites and family bathroom.  In a word, a whole house makeover, retaining style and character.

Living room Jewel in the Crown GandB2.jpeg

See all the possibilities from every angle,
furniture, decor, lighting, accessories

living room 1.jpeg

The final colour palette was a vibrant mix for the whole house.  The black granite fireplace in the living room helped to create the mix of new/old style the couple were keen to introduce.  Decor was a vibrant teal, complemented with tan and navy.  The restructured kitchen with quartz worktops had room for a small central island.  The mix of dark blue and blue/grey units, together with characterful encaustic and subway tiles emphasised the Provincial French style.  The master bedroom had a calm and serene feel with light touches of fresh green which coordinated with the ensuite tiles.    Fresh, contemporary, family home for now and future.