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Unleash your creativity with Interior Design Coaching

Great coaching definition by Tim Gallwey:


 “Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them”. 

Acting as your assignment buddy, I use various techniques to help you gain clarity, and then momentum, with your ideas

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Furniture, floor and walls, exits and entrances accurately scaled

Interior design is always about people and how they live, so space planning is key.   Our first tasks is to identify the room function, the space available, so we can create an accurate plan for you.

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See immediately if your design project works for your lifestyle

Most people find it hard to visualise spaces, with a 3D Floor Plan, you see straight away whether the concept works.  Space orientation and room dimensions are included, together with furniture positioning and accessories.  Get an immediate idea of look and style.  

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Includes all the details, look and style of your new project

Digital Concept boards are easy to make changes.  Room decor, furniture and soft furnishings are included.     A really useful tool to share understanding of scheme look and style.  It also becomes a great reference point to the original vision.

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Everything you need, including discounts on furniture!

Research on new items is a useful shopping list.  A choice of high end, mid-range, budget suppliers.  Including supplier evaluations, dimensions, advantages, disadvantages, lead times, costs, sustainability, fit for the scheme, discounts can be included, where appropriate.

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Quick, easy, online and mobile accessible support.

You may source local trades or undertake DIY.  Either way, you will  be offered loads of support, advice, practical techniques and tips . Your time frame for completion is up to you.  Work on it in stages, or do it quickly? 


If you are planning an extension or making structural changes, you may need some technical drawings or plans.  We can do this cost-effectively for you, please contact us for more details.

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Undertaking a large project and need technical drawings?


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