Emma's Town House, Rotherhithe

Creating a relaxed home from a new blank canvas

Emma and partner just moved into their Dockside Rotherhithe townhouse on 3 floors. This spacious new property includes river views, roof top terraces and you can reach Canary Wharf by river boat in minutes, so great location!  Emma was keen to preserve the luxury of space by carefully choosing her decor and furnishings.   As usual with new builds the decor was white, flooring was neutral so the owners can put their own personality stamp onto the property.  But this blank canvas creates so many decision making dilemmas for new homeowners who need to pin down the right design choices fairly quickly.  We started with the important initial  questions, how do you want to live in your new house and how you want to feel when you walk through your new  front door ? 

V4 neutrals and pale blue grey 1.jpeg

See all the possibilities from every angle,
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Emma and her partner have busy corporate lives and after a bit of a journey exploring decor and disappearing down Pinterest/ Instagram rabbit holes scrolling through hundreds of wonderful, varied interiors, confusion started to set in.  On discussion with me, it was obvious what they really needed was their new home to look and feel like a place of rest, restoration and serenity.  We all need to feel your home hug you as you walk through the front door, so you can breathe and relax away from the pressures of the world. So we set to work on creating a soft, welcoming, environment, but also maintain some uniqueness and interest.


The townhouse on 3 floors opens onto a kitchen layout with a generous sociable space designed to include a dining table, but the couple decided against formal dining.    Opting Instead for a casual vibe cooking for friends and family around the breakfast bar and spilling out onto the low profile sofa or seated on floor cushions. To prevent the space becoming a sea of beige we included subtle tones and patterns with different textures in a mix of wood tones and furnishings, cushions and throws in creams, pale taupe and greys.  

For the first floor with a corresponding layout, we created a similar tonal scheme in blues and greys contrasting with burnt orange and Scandi style cushions.  This area was designed for after dinner watching movies or video games with a small table on one side of the room for buffet style food or sharing celebration cake!  


I really enjoyed working on this casual, unpretentious design especially as it became clear the motivation was purely to relax and have fun, kick off shoes and chill out after work.  Well done to Emma and partner for really understanding how they want to live and share their new home with family and friends!

1st floor floor 2.jpeg