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1. What happens during the initial conversation?

This is the exciting bit!  We explore your project together to identify what you would like to achieve.  What is your lifestyle and what is the space used for, how many people etc.  What's the mood or atmosphere?  Basically, a get to know you chat and talking through your project to see how I can help!

2. Can I include furniture or decor I already own?

Yes, we’re more than happy to include pieces you already own in your designs. At the start of the project we’ll discuss the pieces you want to include in your designs.

We'll try our best to find stand-ins for your items from our 3D catalog (think a look-alike piece that’s a close match in color/size/shape) so you can see how it will look and fit in your room alongside new furniture and decor.

3. How are measurements done?

I work from estate agents details or my free app accurately measures each wall of your space and you upload that to me.  I use this to create an accurate 2D  floorplan with windows, doors, exits, entrances and furniture positioning and include architectural details like fireplaces and alcoves. 

4. How is space defined in an open plan area?

New builds are generally designed as open plan, which typically combine a kitchen, diner and living area.  However as each space has to be drawn separately, each area is counted as one space.  Kitchens in particular are counted as one space as they are generally more complex.  It is also important in open plan designs that all areas relate to each.  The benefit of my digital designs is that you are able to see a direct line of sight of each area from every angle, front to back and overheads to align flow and cohesiveness.   

5. How long until I get my designs back?

The design delivery times for a typical project varies on the complexity of the project.  Its normally between 7 - 10 days  and normally you will receive your new designs before the agreed date.  

6. Do you do project management?

Traditionally interior designers liaise with the trades and project manage from initial concept to final implementation. This is very time consuming and one of the reasons why interior designers have a reputation for being expensive.  My affordable service allows you to take advantage of the skills and expertise of an experienced interior design professional.  Your finished project is visualised in your actual space in photo realistic imagery rich in detail.  This provides you with an accurate tool for implementing, sourcing and planning.  Really easy to follow.  You can undertake the work yourself or I can help source a trades person or products.

7. Can I buy the items included in my digital images?

The majority of UK furniture suppliers do not create  3D models, if they did, I would include them!   I do use actual branded paints and wallpapers and will provide links, this makes it easy to change interior colours.


Depending on the  brief I will include a specifically shaped sofa or other items of furniture to complement a particular scheme.   I can also create a product analysis schedule where I can source all the products for you, but will involve an additional cost. However you will be responsible for ordering and taking delivery of your items.  

8. How do you work within my budget?

We know designing within your budget is important. One of the reasons are service is so affordable is that we don't do project management, so your budget project is completely within your control.  We can help by discussing the potential of items you would to purchase and give you advice on suppliers and costs but you are responsible for ultimately choosing and ordering specific items.

9. I've never done DIY, is there any support and advice?

I'm on my 8th renovation, so have plenty of skills and experience, including 3 large extensions!  I always give my clients lots of help, support and advice included on their projects, whether its for a simple decor change or a large restructure.   Do you need help with decorating or finding a builder?  I use a detailed stepped approach with guidance, less likely to result in costly mistakes.

10. What is the rational for pricing a quote?

No two interiors are the same.  My quote depends on the complexities of each individual space.   For example, including a kitchen,  architectural features, recesses, bulkheads, sloping ceilings etc. Open plan areas with 2 or more functional spaces, are drawn separately and unified into one single integral space.  Each quote includes the same service elements, but the differences in price depend on number of  rooms and complexity of interior.  All designs are uniquely bespoke and tailored to your lifestyle, personality and the type of project. 

11. I would like to make some structural alterations

This is easily done on 3D imagery.  Thinking of a new extension or taking a wall down? This can be shown in your new images.  Great for seeing whether your new project work before you contact a builder!  I always help and advise on finding reputable local builders if you get to this stage.  Recommending 3 quotes and asking to see examples of work.  A reputable builder should take you personally to see any past projects.    

12. I don't want a trendy or themed interior?

Its all about finding your unique style and personality.  You may like a mixture of styles, but also want to mix in your eclectic mix of treasures.   I'll help you find the right balance of space, light, furniture and possessions until you feel totally comfortable you have found your unique style and your house tells your story.  

13. What if I don't like my designs?

Designing a home is a very personal experience and  everyone has a unique style.  Communication is very important to us during the design process, we stay closely in touch with you to ensure we are all on the right track.  But we can make changes easily and 2 x rounds of revisions are included in your package to ensure you love your final designs. See paragraph 15 below.

14. I know what I want, I would just like some help?

Great!  I can help you by designing a room layout and providing an exciting visual for your ideas and vision.  Your digital images detail the major look and style of your project with accessories.  Basically your vision and ideas, with a little help if you need it, and my skills to bring your concept to life.

15. How many revisions are included?

We include 2  x rounds of revisions per project.  Once you are presented with a design, you have 5 days to provide feedback. Once all your ideas, comments and questions are consolidated, and we provide a new version, that's the end of that round of revisions. 

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