French twist on semi

A tired 60s semi needing an update, but new kitchen extension planned.  The Robinson family's French inherited antiques are to be incorporated, together with a grand piano.  So space for a grand piano, and French antiques, Yes, I did say a 60s semi!    

A traditional French style kitchen is planned for a new kitchen extension and pride of place is an antique French marble dining table.  Knocking through the kitchen/dining room will give more space to new contemporary furniture. Classic decor is a pale straw linen texture wallpaper with tan, olive, navy accents. D'accord? 

Fiona Robinson, 

"Many thanks to Annie , whose knowledge and vision helped us enormously with the design for our extension.   She understood exactly what we were trying to achieve.   We found it very difficult to visualise the final layout, but Annie’s ideas were excellent, and her skill in a visualisation  so we could actually ‘see’ the final outcome, provided us with exactly what we needed.   It gave us a focus and an idea of where we were going. 


Planning an extension and modifying an existing layout is not for everyone; it is very easy to get it wrong, and end up having to modify a poor start!  I would recommend Annie without hesitation to anyone thinking about any sort of interior design or architectural or structural changes to their house.  Thank you so much Annie!

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