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Inspirational online interior
ideas in 3 easy steps


Show us your space

Send us a floorplan or sketch and a few photos or scan your room with a free app.  We have an initial chat about the size, scope and expectations for your project.  

Ready to get started?

Our first zoom is a chance to get to know you, discuss your potential ideas and style.  All tailored to the room function, your personality and budget.

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See your designs

See your exciting new designs on a second zoom.   All complete with furniture, decor,  lighting, acccesories.   Includes 2 rounds of revisions per space.


1. Online interior design brief


We'll help create your individual interior design. Your home made perfectly unique and special just for you.

Our main objective at this stage is to painstakingly support you in developing a cohesive space directly reflecting your brief, personality, lifestyle and budget.  We also provide masses of feedback, insights, ideas, alternative concepts to explore together.  With just a few questions we identify:


  • Project function, scope, scale 

  • What you want to achieve

  • What you like/don't like

  • Colour, decor and potential style

  • What you want to keep or what to buy


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2. Start work on your design


Working towards a vision that inspires.  We think beyond what you thought possible. We love to solve client problems!


Once we have an accurate detailed brief,  we connect the dots between space potential and what can be achieved, using ideas and concepts discussed in our exploratory chats.   We start with the best case scenario, but ensure you see all alternative options and possibilities.  We include all the essential elements so you can make decisions supported by facts. 


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3. Presentation of your designs


We combine online interior design with the power of virtual room design.  A winning formula!  


Our clients feel a sense of excitement when we share our powerful images for the first time.  No imagination or guesswork needed as you see how new furniture and décor looks in its intended space.    Being able to visualise a new interior design within accurate dimensions is a real game changer as it empowers instant decision making.  We make online design fun, affordable and  easy!


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"We discussed our project with ‘traditional’ interior designers beforehand, but cost and relying on their intuition with mood-boards meant a leap of faith as well as significant outlay. The fact we’ve been able to see our house in ‘virtual’ form with fittings, paint, paper, lighting and furniture and not having to imagine the finished result, is a winning proposition to my mind!"

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