Jane's downsize Northants 

Return from global travels
to elegant home

Jane and Graham are empty nesters and recently bought a new build as a base to return to when they come back from extensive travelling.  Used to travelling light they wanted somewhere that was easy to maintain with minimal possessions and furniture.  Basically a lock up and go.  Existing furniture was contemporary and easy to live with, so translated well into the light, spacious new build.  Just had to add an elegant decor scheme with minimal fuss and ready to go! Where next?

kitchen and hallway.jpeg

See all the possibilities from every angle,
furniture, decor, lighting, accessories


 Jane loves understated neutrals and her existing furniture was a blended mix of white, creams and greys.  Although new builds are relatively small by comparison, her furniture fitted into the new living room nicely.  The sofa, armchair and swivel chair in the images are a very close copy of Jane's own.  We both wanted to keep the understated, elegant look, so decor kept to a minimum with the addition of pale grey and slate blue for the TV wall blending in with blue kitchen cabinetry.  Accessories were pastel soft furnishings and touches of black to ground the whole scheme, minimal but cosy and lovely base to come back to!