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Kids Bedroom Swap

I hired Annie to design two kids rooms, decision making and design are not my strong points. Annie's designs are wonderful and I can't wait to get started now. Kids swapping rooms and this is making the transition from big room to small room for my eldest to more than just bearable. He is actually looking forward to it!  Thanks to Annie

Clare McSephney


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Kids bedroom swap
- what a hero!

Glasgow family, Clare and two kids David and Emma, needed help with their bedroom swap.  The story is that David 11, has the bigger bedroom and 5 year old Emma the smallest.  Like most 11 year old boys David cast his toys aside and is now into gaming.  Emma however, still needs space to play with her large toys and an army of soft teddies on the floor.    David, what a hero! has volunteered to swap bedrooms to give Emma storage and floor space. 

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David loves red so we created a broad red accent strip against a moody dark blue.  This should last him into his teenage years.  We used loft beds which are a great space saver and no wallpaper, just paint and stickers (cheap and peel off easily).  Emma's room was painted white, but with plenty of colour and interest with toys and cute woodland creatures wall stickers. A sweet space for a growing little girl.  Clare says both kids are now excited about their makeovers!  Lovely project, thank you for getting in touch and letting me help you Clare!