Kids bedroom swap

David bedroom 3.jpeg

Glasgow family, Clare and two kids David and Emma, need help with their bedroom swap. The story is David, 11, has the bigger bedroom and 5 year old Emma the smallest. Like most boys David is into gaming and his old toys are cast aside.  On the other hand, Emma needs space to play with large toys and the army of soft teddies. David is the hero as he volunteered to swap bedrooms to give Emma storage and floor space.  Great brother!

 David loves red so we created a broad red accent stripe against a moody dark blue.  At 11 a boys bedroom needs to keep cool and relevant as he goes into his teenage years.  You don't want to have to repeat it again in a few years!  We used loft beds to gain valuable floor space and no wallpaper, just paint and stickers (cheap and peel off to replace when they get bored).  Emma's room was painted white, but had plenty of colour and interest with toys, furnishings and cute woodland creatures wall stickers.  

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