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London Family Home Refresh

Working with Annie was a pleasure throughout.  Annie totally understood what we wanted and delivered some great ideas that we are implementing now.  Would completely recommend!
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James Page

London N8

See all the possibilities from every angle,
furniture, decor, lighting, accessories

1970s vibe revisited
and refreshed

James and Kate were looking for an interior designer in London, but instead of hiring a conventional interior designer they chose my visualisation services to ensure they could "see"  their London home before deciding on a design.  The living room is a long rectangle with two distinct areas.  The upper end with a sofa, TV, media area and custom built bookshelf for all the family activity, reading, listening to music, TV viewing.  But the lower end, overlooking the garden, had no real sense of purpose as all the activities were squeezed into the upper end.  Time to review and zone the  space to define flexibility and function for more comfortable division of family activities. 

4 Smoke green 2.jpeg
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 I took inspiration from James and Kate's love of 1970s decor.  They had an original 1970s lamp and a favourite print with deep orange and green elements, a mid century sideboard and large green plants, already giving the space a 70s vibe.  To align the space we gave the family various options of geometric wallpapers on the long wall and complementary paint colours on the opposite walls to pull the two areas together. We re-sited the TV and sofa to the lower end purely for TV watching.  Zoning the top end to highlight the focal point bespoke bookcase for reading or listening to music.  This layout offered a more even distribution of space and created better flow and flexibility.  The family loved the 70s decor design and started work immediately on making it all happen!