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London family Victorian Terrace

"We discussed our project with ‘traditional’ interior designers beforehand, but cost and relying on their intuition with mood-boards meant a leap of faith as well as significant outlay. The fact we’ve been able to see our house in ‘virtual’ form with fittings, paint, paper, lighting and furniture and not having to imagine the finished result, is a winning proposition to my mind!"
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Eleanor and Simon Kaye


See all the possibilities from every angle,
furniture, decor, lighting, accessories

Victorian style with
simple contemporary

Eleanor and Simon are very busy WFH parents looking after their two little kids in a spacious Victorian London home. A new extension return and back elevation had just been completed giving the house a new dimension with a great kitchen/diner and garden room, but the rest of the home needed to catch up.  They found me to help visualise tying in the rest of the house.  With original Victorian features, the house has a sense of grandeur which still needed to be highlighted, as well as creating a playful contemporary style with a light touch.  Find the sweet spot between old and new!

Simon and Eleanor front room 3_edited.jpg
Simon and Eleanor front room.jpeg

While the kids are little the front room will be designed as a playroom with low shelving units underneath the front bay window for the children's toys and books.  On the other side of the fireplace a bespoke bookcase cleverly hides the TV and Eleanor and Simon were keen to get cohesion between the two areas, aligning the play area with the TV area.  A colour scheme is a great way to do this and we linked a playful safari wallpaper with burnt orange paint behind the sofa to make a cosy sitting area.  The house still has Victorian heritage, but with a fresh, playful  makeover.  The artwork is the couple's own collection.