Love it or list it challenge!

Steve and Rachael had lived in their current home for some time and were in debate about whether to love it or list it.  They were also considering building a new extension. However on our initial zoom  discussion it became obvious that as a couple they didn't actually need more space, they just needed a more efficient use of their existing space to create their perfect home.  As the house was due for an update anyway, the decision was made to fund a much needed update and focus on improved space function and organisation.

We started by removing the wall between living room and kitchen, re-siting the kitchen to the front. giving more space for a breakfast bar.  The living area now positioned at the back, provided privacy and more seating space,  a woodburner and a great view of the garden.  The staircase wall was also removed to instal a new battened ballustrade staircase, enabling extra space for a storage cupboard, wine racks and coolers etc underneath. We included another utility cupboard and a small cloakroom area at the bottom of the stairs.  The style was clean, contemporary and the open plan arrangement gave a lighter and more iintegral spacious feel  than the previous inflexible layout.  

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