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Michelle's London flat

Space layout exercise to give family room to grow

Michelle and her young family had been living in their 2 bed London flat for some time and since moving in they have increased from three to four.  Time to think about how to re-allocate space to ensure the kids have room to grow.  Starting with the living room the layout needed to be more efficient but without closing off the view from the large sliding doors onto the balcony.  Moving the low profile large sofa over to the  window maintained the view but improved flow into and around the room.  Placing the piano back to back with the sofa meant the two largest pieces of furniture were zoned together leaving more space at the TV wall end for an extra chair and ottoman.

Living room.jpeg

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Living room 1.jpeg

Next task was to do a similar space planning  exercise in the two bedrooms.  Michelle's master bedroom was also used as a WFH space, so we had to use every square inch of space to ensure she had an efficient desk arrangement under the window.  Aligned with two Ikea chest of drawers this provided a neat fitted furniture look.  The opposite wall was allocated to wardrobe space and we also fitted in shallow cupboards in the long bedroom hallway for additional storage.  The wall opposite the bed was home to large artworks to give an illusion of space and the bed head wall had similar panelling to Kate's Chepstow bedroom as Michelle had seen this and asked me to copy it for her!  

The kids bedroom had to grow with them so had to accommodate a desk, lots of toy storage and cupboards for clothing.  We experimented with a few layouts but the most efficient was placing the bunk beds nearest the door so when the door opened your eye travels down the room to the window.  We placed the wardrobes and toy storage on either side preserving the middle of the room zoned with a large rug for floor play space.  The paint choice was a lovely light acqua toned with a lively teal.  This project was a great exercise in tough space planning to make every inch work for plenty of storage and a place for everything!