Modern ethnic, Ashbourne


Cynthia modern 1980s house didn't provide her growing teenagers with space for separate activities and common areas for family get togethers. She already had approved plans for an extension running along the back of the house.  So when she asked me to design an open plan family room it was a great opportunity to design 3 separate areas, kitchen, dining, TV area.  A great space with 2 sets of folding doors to the garden. 

  Orginally from Indonesian, Cynthia's furniture and eclectic objects were incorporated into the new space.  She missed the light, airy feel of Indonesian houses and was keen to replicate that magic into the new design.  Leaving the decor neutral as a backdrop to the characterful ethnic furniture, plants, rattan, ethnic fabrics. Enhancing the look with encaustic tiles and wooden kitchen units. Cynthia can't wait to feel at home in her new extension!

Cynthia King

Annie has very patiently helped me to muddle through the different ideas I have in my head and come up with a concrete design for the whole downstairs of my house after a planned extension - something that is me. She patiently listens to my different family needs and came up with designs that is functional and yet beautiful at the same time. I was not 100% about the extension but after seeing what the new space blended into the old rooms could potentially look like, I am really looking forward to embarking on this new project.

Thanks Annie!

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