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Annie Webb Interiors


Imagine seeing your new décor or interior makeover before making a start?    That's what we do. We create new interiors in your exact space shown from different angles, complete with furniture, decor, lighting, accessories.

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About us

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Whatever we do in life defines our identity and personality and can be reflected in our home story.  I have a keen interest in the psychology of home and we all have a basic need to feel safe, comfortable and warm when we come home.   Similar to our clothing style, our homes are extensions of us and we need them to be special and individual, such as placing Granny's ornaments next to quirky items from H&M.     

Back in the day when our kids were little, me and husband Ken bought a two up two down terrace.  We didn’t know it then, but that moment changed our lives.  This may sound cheesy but its true!  


I have always had a deep passion for interior design and over the years, we renovated many houses.  We are on our 8th renovation,  a 1960s house, ugly space to lovely space - work in progress. Always combining house renovations  with family life and a full time job in HR and Talent Management. In 2017 time to break free and fulfil a long held ambition to  retrain as an interior designer.  Best thing I ever did, I love the creativity!   


When I was training I realised that there must be a better way to show clients the final result of their interior projects.  This was the inspiration for my digital design business. My son Chris has now joined the team and we've now built a successful business helping so many clients, no matter what the size of their home!    

1960s renovation - our 8th

home improvement project

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Annie Webb, Frome

 My digital visualisations will create a vision of your unique environment where friends and family can put their feet up, have a few laughs and truly relax.  Get in touch for a free consultation now. 

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