Nathalie's South/North Relocation

New life for family, working
and learning from home

Nathalie and family recently relocated from London to the North East, the motivation was for more space so Sylvain could work from home in IT and Nathalie could home school her children.  With this in mind they asked me to help design the living room/dining area, learning room (for home schooling) and the master bedroom.  We started on the master bedroom, a lovely project as the couple wanted to recreate their Bali honeymoon bedroom.  We chose a delicate sage green, contrasting with a bolder green mixed with natural wood and rattan furniture, metals, plants, baskets and heritage rugs.  We both wanted to achieve a warm, relaxed, comfortable feel.  Nathalie loves mid-century modern and was keen to adopt this style in both the living room and dining room.  Although the learning room has an element of serious study with a bookcase along one wall, we also introduced some mid-century playfulness in the wallpaper and paint colours.  The living room also has Nathalie's signature light touch with a vibrant wallpaper contrasted with a light teal paint.  Accessories were natural wood, simple rugs and artwork. 

Valspar snorkling trip.JPG

Snorkling trip

LG blue verditer.JPG

Blue Verditer

Nathalie Mathieu

Working with Annie had been a real pleasure. From start to finish, she made the whole process nice and easy. She met our expectations extremely well and guided us when we needed a bit more suggestions. She was always friendly and we love the designs she came up with. The use of 3D makes it so much better to have an accurate idea of what a design will actually look like. We will definitely come to her again if we need to. 

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