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Brabazon Navigator living dining
Brabazon Navigator living dining

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Brabazon Navigator Living area
Brabazon Navigator Living area

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Brabazon Navigator WHF spared bedroom
Brabazon Navigator WHF spared bedroom

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Brabazon Navigator living dining
Brabazon Navigator living dining

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New build inspo

Bought a contemporary new home with clean lines, wood floors and modern finishes?  See my tips on how you can bring style and cosiness to your new build. 

Turn your blank canvas into a cosy home!

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How to Personalise your open plan new build 

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Neutral schemes work as a blank canvas in which you can start to tell your story, making the space unique to you, not just a look-alike High Street retail room set. But how can you start adding some interest and personality?

Neutral schemes are incredibly flexible

 A neutral new build scheme is superb as acting as a backdrop, you can add interest, texture, colour and character so easily. Changing with the seasons with a few cushions or throws or keeping up with new trends and replacing a few accessories.  

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If you think minimalism may be too difficult to live with as too cold and sterile, you may still like clean and contemporary designs, soft minimalism may be your bag.  Modernist and minimal but with a soft, gentle approach using pastel tones,see Karina's townhouse  or Louise Victorian terrace refresh or Jane's downsize new build for inspo.

Harmonious schemes inspired by nature


Harmonious color schemes are often inspired by nature. Using a neutral,natural palette paired with different shades of green. Think about a forest, desert, beach or mountain. The colors chosen should be in the same chromatic range. The key ingredient is balance.

Complementary colour schemes

blue and tan.jpg

Knowing which colors complement one another can help make good color decisions. Blues are calming and grounded in nature and paired with brown tonals gives us a sense of security, adding depth and warmth to interiors.  Definitely creating a dynamic colour scheme. Take a look at Sue's new kitchen remodel.   Or Detached village family house or Kent family home for an update of a modern house.

Dramatic monochrome schemes

All black Japandi style kitchens against a white background, complemented with natural woods and marble are trending at the moment.  A monochromatic single hue grey or black schemes also creates a dramatic, modernist,  statement in a new build living room.

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Getting creative with colour

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While it’s true that neutral room schemes provide a blank canvas, there’s a lot to be said for introducing a splash of colour. Different shades can have an uplifting or calming effect and your choice of colour and soft furnishings can go a long way to reflecting your personality.  See Helen's Manchester renovation or Jason's Croydon Terrace for bright, bold decor.

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