New Build Bristol Apartment

Charlotte, a busy professional, working and living in Bristol, contacted me to help create a sophisticated and contemporary decor scheme for her new harbour side flat. Like a lot of city professionals Charlotte had been working at home during the lockdown. So her flat had to work hard to provide flexible, adaptable areas that could be used for multi purpose activites.

   Charlotte immediately loved the dark blue, pale grey and pink palette, making it easy to define and separate zones of living room, dining and kitchen.  We placed a simple table horizontally in the kitchen area which works as alternative desk space.  Charlotte's main working area is her bedroom which we planned in detail.  Its a functional working space, but important to personalise by adding plants, pictures and good lighting to ensure you enjoy where you work, especially at home!  

Charlotte Kendrick

I hired Annie to help me with some ideas for decorating my new flat. She was very generous with her time and knowledge and really strives to give you designs that work for your tastes and requirements. Annie is also very personable and has a very approachable style. Thank you, Annie - it was a pleasure to work with you.

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