New extension and space layout

Mark and Lucy recently moved into their new home with plenty of new space and a new extension.  The issue was how to best use the space and zone the different areas to work for a small, but possibly increasing family unit.  The join between original house and new extension can be awkward.  Making it work seamlessly can be a bit of a challenge. As usual with back of house extensions the new outer wall is taken up with windows and patio doors to give much needed light.  However it can leave the original areas dark and without purpose.  Mark and Lucy's plan was to create a playroom for their little son in the "old" part of their house and  keep the existing kitchen at one end of the extension. 

Mark and Lucy already had a dedicated sitting room at the front of the house, so they didn't need to recreate another sitting room with TV.   The playroom was highlighted for use during the day, but including a large sofa for adults, reading stories etc.  We discussed the opportunity to resite the small kitchen into the playroom space.  To help them visualise this I created images of a large eat-in kitchen as an alternative.  The "old" kitchen space could be used as a little TV snug with the added flexibility of playroom, dining. Mark and Lucy loved this idea, but decided the playroom space was the way forward and re-siting the new kitchen would be a project to consider at a later date.    

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