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Specialising in Online interior design Frome, Somerset

Online Interior Designer Frome, Somerset

Annie Webb Interiors is an experienced professional online interior designer business based in Frome Somerset.  Her style of online interior designs combines technical accuracy with a natural feel, conveying the character inherent in each space, ensuring the best interior quality with beautiful colour rendition.

Specialising in online interior design Annie has created online interior designs ranging from period houses to minimalist contemporary homes across the UK. If you are looking for an online interior designer Annie is available to work both locally and further afield.


Her style of Online interior designs combines technical accuracy with a natural feel, always sensitive to the subject, working to maximise the potential of any type of property, large or small.

Annie studied interior design after many years renovating homes, she is on her 8th house. Annie transferred that renovation, restructure and remodel knowledge by applying it to online interior design.  Annie’s online interior designs ensures clients can visualise their room retaining the distinct character of the whole space which is often lost in a moodboard or just one section of the room.

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