Updated: Apr 16, 2020

1. Communication

This is key. It can take weeks or months to decide on a new scheme and like anything important, discuss your ideas with your other half, partner, family, flatmate before you start researching. Don't tell them out of the blue after you have decided, you'll get even more pushback! We don't like surprises, preferring to be consulted. Taking them on the journey with you gives them time to get used to the idea. Keep them regularly updated about your thinking and ideas as you progress.

2. Start small

If you want to try living with a bold colour, start with a small project in a transitional area like a hallway, spare room or cloakroom toilet. Areas where you are in and out quickly!

3. Understand their objections so you can counter them

"I know you don't like really dark colours. But if we just paint the bedhead section of our bedroom wall dark green, it's diffuses into a great background for our black and white picture gallery above the bed. It shows off our travel pictures and all the other items we have collected and the rest of the room is neutral as a contrast."

4. Share images

We all see things differently so its important to share what's on your mind visually. But use a whole room design so your new focal point looks coordinated within a total scheme. Interior designers/photographers frequently use vignettes or small sections of a chair, wall, lamp which is difficult to transition well into an existing room..

5. Moving in together and have totally different interior styles?

Try to establish a consistent colour palette for the whole home, i.e. white, grey and for accents, yellow or blue, before you start working on individual rooms and don't go off piste! If you have totally opposite styles, e.g. soft and light (light throws and cushions) or strong and dark, (leather and wood). A good way to soften a masculine leather chair is placing a soft throw over it and hope they don't notice!

Just remember you can easily paint over or change it - its not a lifetime commitment! If you would like some specific advice about a decor dilemma, with no commitment. Get in touch!

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