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Updated: Mar 13

"I always say film is art, theater is life and television is furniture". Kenny Leon

Entertainment walls are now an important living room feature, taking over from the traditional fireplace as the focal point of the room. This new interior focus is ideal if you have a modern living room with no real feature. It also presents extra storage space for all your music, media and gaming equipment all in one place. So how do you go about achieving this?

Isabelle's TV wall project

Isabelle asked me to design her TV and fireplace wall. The alcove in the living room (below) was just over 4m in length and depth just over a metre. We had to fit everything in neatly leaving room for the patio door on the right. This was a fun project dreaming up appropriate ideas for her space and experimenting with using different materials. See the actual build in the last pic.

Space and architecture

Its important to identify the space and architecture available for the project. As the design needs to be symmetrical and easy on the eye. The height, width and depth has a bearing on your final design. For example, although the Isabelle's alcove was wide enough to accommodate the design, it was a fairly high ceiling, so the emphasis was to create an optical illusion to make it appear wider.

.Running a backing panel vertically, all the way from floor to ceiling, (see below) creates the impression of a chimney breast when there is none. Also using two contrasting materials over your wall and storage brings added interest and texture.

Wall mounted fires

Wall mounted fires are exactly that. They are fires which sit on a bracket mounted to your wall. They are slightly different to inset or hole in the wall fires as they don’t sit flush against the wall in a recess. Instead, they will protrude out slightly as they sit against the wall.

A wall mounted fire could be a perfect option for your home if you:

  • Don’t have a chimney

  • Want to save on floor space in a smaller room

  • Aren’t able to carry out a lot of building work

  • Are looking for a contemporary electric fire or gas fire

  • Want to be able to take it with you when you move house

Low ceiling?

This example, making the top and bottom elements the same dimensions would be a good solution if you had a low ceiling. Its more difficult to achieve a completely symmetrical effect with a high ceiling. Ideally the three elements, concealed lighting panel, the TV and low profile unit should have the same dimensions to get a symmetrical look. The ceiling panel has textured wallpaper for interest, but any textured design would work, faux concrete, brick or just linking with a colour or pattern already in your room.

Creating your panelling

You can use plywood or MDF to make an initial panel which has enough depth to hide all the wiring and concealed lighting. You can either paint this or buy glossy what panels. Pairing it with slatted panels in different colours and light and dark woods which are readily available now. Using two or three panels together as in the asymetric example above, works well with pendant lights either side and gives the illusion of a wider space.

Get a cosy glow

Concealed lighting is important in this installation. As a backlit TV makes a feature of its woodgrain, marble or slatted mount even when the screen is not in use, providing a lovely cosy glow, especially if you don't have a fireplace. A low profile unit can also gives the impression of a fireplace hearth. .

Love a luxe look?

How about mounting your TV onto marble effect panels? This one has an Italian vibe going on with dark walnut and copper beneath, adding to a high-end finish.

Scandi style

You may prefer to go for a simpler look with this Scandi style, light wood and faux marble.

The final design!

Isabelle's husband did a great job, with walnut slatted wall panels, fab concealed lighting and a low profile unit to hide all the media and gaming gear. Job done!

Like some remote help with your interior project?

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