Giving a 1960s house kerb appeal

"Modern houses" = Ugly space

This is my visualisation of my 1967 house with a garage conversion and Crittal style window, wood cladding together with a rebuilt and widened entrance way, read on for detail.

We still call 1960s houses "modern". This refers to back in the day when "all mod cons" was the priority. Today we all look for space and light, not easy on a modest budget. But a tired old 1960s house, remodelled - can give amazing results.

1960s/1970s houses have space, light and generally masses of potential. A blank canvas to reflect your own personality and character. The term ugly space was commonly used by George Clarke the TV Presenter, Architect and Designer who specialised in renovating unattractive, "modern" boxy houses into amazing family homes. So the blueprint is there, we just needed to buy the house and get on with it. Simples.

Move to Fabulous Frome!

For our latest renovation project, we wanted to leave behind renovating Victorian houses for something different. We decided on lively, lovely Frome in Somerset as our next abode and set off on the house search. Much like any characterful ancient town in the UK, Frome fans out from a centre of historic, old buildings to a still developing perimeter of new housing on the outskirts. There are small terraced houses within the town, very charming and quirky but with confined or restricted space with little potential for our purposes.

We bought our 1967 house in June 2018 on an estate which is on the Bath side of town, a 15 min walk into the centre. Being a little further out is still feasible as you benefit from the great facilities, like the small independent shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants, schools, health and leisure centres. Not least the active music and creative arts scene, artisan bakeries and masses of clubs and activities, too many to mention.

Frome has a very happy vibe, whether you are just wandering into town for a coffee or taking a visit to the two theatres, you meet friendly, happy people everywhere..

New house, new project

On our short house hunting trip we quickly found and bought a large 4 bed 1960s semi. Not much had been done in updates over the years. Our first project was to tear down an outdated 1980s conservatory (boiling in the summer and freezing in the winter) to make way for a new kitchen extension (above) and decor that was stuck in the 80s. We've now finished all the internal renovations see images below..

Revamping and transforming the front elevation

Modern, architectural look

We replaced all the front elevation windows with anthracite frames some time ago. So the next stage is to transform the old garage into useful, additional accommodation, with crittal style aluminium windows and wood cladding. Rebuild, enlarge and widen the porch for a larger internal hallway, wide contemporary front door and side window light to give the whole frontage a modern, architectural and unique look.

One important point is that it does not have to be hugely expensive materials that make a transformation. Simple dark-framed windows in an interesting configuration and stained weather-boarding will make a tremendous difference. Aluminium windows offer narrow profiles and slim sight lines that can make a real difference to the look of your property. Aluminium is lightweight, strong, and is regarded as one of the most sustainable building materials available, being almost 100% recyclable.

Work in progress

So, that's the plan - its now a work in progress. We started on the garage conversion as you will see from the images below. It always gets worse before it gets better! My next post will be a detailed update on the garage conversion, with plenty of info so keep tuned if you are thinking of going the same way!

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