Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Someone said to me recently "interior design is aspirational, it is perceived as being beyond reach that's how it works" . Just wanting to do some myth busting here. Most people's general perception of interior designers is that they can be bossy and expensive. Yeah, yeah of course, there are designers who take themselves way too seriously. But if someone offered me a yacht interior with gold plated everything or a popstar mega-mansion I would turn it down, yes really!

I prefer the satisfaction of helping someone who is so busy with professional or family life they need my help to create their personal space. A calm and safe haven to come home to, so basic. We all want that don't we?

We drool over amazing magazine home spreads, but you can create a unique, special home on a small budget and there's no guarantee spending thousands of pounds will ensure you get what you want. You might end up with what the designer wants. I know people who have been "interior decorated" who may feel more at ease in other surroundings, something closer to their real identity.

Now especially, in this difficult time, home is everything to us, not just a place to eat, sleep and love. Your home needs to truly represent who you are. An important reminder of the person who went travelling to romantic or exotic places, or ambitious you still with hopes and aspirations. Or just enjoying being with friends and family doing simple things.

I love sharing my skills and experience to make ordinary homes feel special, safe and relaxing.

Does your home feel right to you, does it feel like a place where your family can kick off their shoes, put their feet up and truly relax? And you can do that without spending the family inheritance!

It's never been easier to get help from qualified interior designers who are passionate about helping people make their homes special without breaking the bank.

Lets have a chat about how I can help you with your home story. Are you stuck at home thinking about that interior project but stuck for ideas or visualise what to do? Digital design tools brings your home story to life. Get in touch!

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