Mid-century modern; it just sparks joy!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Both Catherine and I absolutely love the 2nd guest bedroom colour scheme of her 1960s refurb. The orange and grey wallpaper is fun and playful, the navy accents ground the vibrant orange and links the overall scheme of the flat. What more can you ask from wallpaper!

For inspiration look at Orla Kiely''s design style. Inspired by nature and the Irish landscape – the yellow of gorse, the green of the fields, the red of rowan berries. The colours are so vibrant they zing with life.

Working on Catherine's 1960s flat refurb. we maintained a mid-century modern design style for the whole flat. .

Catherine loves dark blue combined with with metals. We built up the scheme to create a colour palette of dark blue, ochre, accents of tan, burnt orange and a dash of blush pink for a contemporary note.

The second guest bedroom turned out to be really fun and playful with a navy, burnt orange and grey colour scheme. .

We included two variations of geometric wallpaper. For the living room, white and gold Ashton Geometric Wallpaper White / Gold GranDeco A34202 and for the 2nd bedroom, a vibrant orange/grey geometric circles. Daisy Chain Large

Some of the colours in the new century modern palette and the vibrant wallpapers can be very uncompromising and make a bold statement. If this is too much for you, place the wallpaper next to a neutral or white wall and choose small patterns with an accent in the pattern rather than large amounts of colour.

Need help to put together a colour palette? Always best to create a complete palette before starting on new decor for a whole house. Its easy to link the theme throughout the rooms, rather than making it up as you go along, which I've got to admit I've been known to do! www.anniewebbinteriors.com/get-in-touch

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