Six easy 2021 decor trends to try

Updated: Jan 26

1. Cottagecore

Have you heard of this? Like me, you’ve probably seen it online and in magazines but not realized it has a name. Continuing the connection with nature trend, bringing the outside in. Cottage core is a bit more defined as its hits a more nostalgic note, harking back to better times, referencing English countryside skills and crafts. With all the lockdowns you may have taken up lots of cottagecore activities, baking bread, cakes, WFH outside or even feeling wistful about buying a 90s style Laura Ashley dress!

Get the look

Its all about creating cosiness. Key components are dried flowers and a natural colour palette with warm tones. Keep your eye out for down on the farm kitchen ware and bring out that vintage tea set your Granny gave to you.

Farrow and Ball paint collection

2. Antique mirrors

Blotchy, mottled mirrors in aged and vintage shapes have mystery, charm and character and transform a dull wall. As well as reflecting light around the room they create an unexpected element in modern homes. Pair them with dried flowers to give your room a vintage look. They look great in period houses, but are flexible enough to add drama and style to minimal decor. Charity and antique shops make good hunting grounds.

3. Navy blue kitchen update

If your kitchen is tired and needs an update, give it a dramatic makeover with dark blue. This works really well with crisp white, especially if your doors are non-gloss and you have white countertops. Valspar have a good post on how to do this.

Just to give you an idea, its all the in prep! Smooth the surface, If you have handles remove them (maybe update them as well). Also a good idea to take doors off the hinges. Protect the surrounding surfaces with a dust sheet and cover any bits of cabinet you don’t want to paint with masking tape. Mix together a detergent solution or use sugar soap to clean them. This will help remove grease and food stains. Sand the surfaces and fill in the imperfections. Choose wood and metal paint, start with a primer or undercoat. Two coats should do it, Voila!

4. Wall panelling

In the past panelling was the preserve of country houses and libraries, but the trend is becoming more popular. It now looks on trend and modern in any style of architecture and any decor. A fairly budget friendly way to give your living room or bedroom some style.

This can be done as a DIY project. Any easier way than using MDF panels is to use pine moulding strips. Work out your panelling design and take accurate measurements to ensure your panels are placed in the right perspective.

It may be easier to draw the panels onto the wall at the start to ensure exactness. You might need a mitre box to cut the end of the pine moulding for an accurate corner and to ensure they glue together seamlessly. When the glue has dried (at least 24 hours) use a decorator's caulk (a wall filler) to fill in the gaps. Then its's time to paint the whole area and stand back and admire your handiwork. More precise detail online, just thought I'd give you an overview of what's involved!

5. New decor - embracing nature and sustainability

I'd prefer not to call sustainability and eco-consciousness a trend as its really an essential that should be here to stay. But like any trend it moves on each year and its now not just a few plants pot, but more of a lifestyle choice. More of use want to ensure the basic materials we use in our homes are earth-friendly with natural finishes. Try these lovely new colour palettes of natural greens and browns paired with warm neutrals, natural weaves and fabric textures.

New decor - Luxury minimal design

One of the most relevant interior design trends for 2021. When it comes to buying furniture and accessories now there's more of an inclination for items with a luxury touch or handcrafted from pure materials. Its all in the detail. More really means less in this category, a true minimal approach has less items on display, but every item is made from premium material. The colour palette is light and restrained. Polished brass or gold details are paired with marble, stone and exquisite textures.

6. Japandi

This sensational trend is really intriguing. Its a mix of Japanese and Scandi and making big waves with interior designers, so expect to see the trend trickle down into our homes. It has all the rustic simplicity of Scandi combined with the sophistication of Japanese design. Its based on the wabi-sabi element of perfect imperfection, mixed with elements of hygge which focuses on warmth and comfort. A combination of opposites, light Scandi wood tones work with the dark wood of traditional Japanese design. You can see this chemistry functioning in the exciting new colour palettes shown below.

This new trend deserves a more in depth exploration and I'm looking forward to researching for my next blog on Japandi decor, style, furniture, accessories. Subscribe at the bottom of the home page to ensure you don't miss out on this fascinating design combo!.

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