Small project ideas in lock down

The majority of home interior images on Instagram are vignettes, (small compositions) you know the sort of thing, a corner with a table, chair by a window etc. If you love the style or decor of cross section of a scheme, they are great to copy but not easy to align the rest of the room!

Define your corner

If you can't undertake a whole room scheme, an easier project (especially in lock-down) is to update one small area or corner. You can do this easily by re-arranging existing pieces or swapping items around. An easy win room refresh is to place old or familiar items in a new context. Its amazing how swapping items of furniture or individual pieces around can allow you to see the space in a whole new different way.

Swop it around

Nina's 18th century living room is spacious, but has dark beams and heavy curtains. Removing the heavy curtains and tall cabinet, opened up a light space to display family photos on an antique chest, and a metal lamp coordinates beautifully with a vintage mirror.

Fireplace update

This client fireplace was immediately improved with a simple treatment, by continuing the red brick theme with brick facing over the whole chimney breast. The main decor colour in the room is dark blue, great as a backdrop for oak shelving. The two alcoves are now balanced and symmetrical in style.

Light and define a dark corner

Kim's living grey room had lots of stub walls, nooks and crannies, creating dark corners with no real definition. The sweet baby picture is lost on this narrow wall. We went playful with biophelia wall decor and boho accessories in natural materials. The quirky lamp provides a cosy corner light.

Make sense of an awkward space

James and Abbey's loft extension living room provided amazing 360 coastal views. But roof bulkheads created awkward triangular spaces at each end. We made sense of them by constructing practical low profile storage with shelving above. The space was perfect for a bold colour pop to the room as well as providing essential storage for books and objects.

Tiny plants

Bringing nature into your WFH workspace has an impact on your wellbeing at work. If you are hunched over a computer screen, one of the best ways to improve your immediate environment is to create a display of tiny plants, either on your desk or on a wall fixture. Nurturing and looking after them is very life-affirming!

Gallery wall from 2 to 12 or more

Nothing new about hanging prints for immediate interest, but a couple of interesting pictures is the quickest way to bring character to your space. The two pictures on the left use the exact dimensions of the console table. Try to create symmetry aligning with the wall space, furniture and objects. A black and white gallery aligned with a monochromatic decor scheme is dramatic and easy to put together.

Statement picture, instant impact

If you are a big picture type, you may prefer a big hero statement rather than a gallery wall. Large wall art creates a focal point in the room and it looks less cluttered, as you can fed up with loads of different images. You can make your own from a photo but you need large resolution photos. (100% rights free to use) stock photo website, have stunning pictures.

Green wall

You can always combine the two ideas and have your own stunning green wall!

Like some remote help with your interior project?

Let's get together over a zoom to chat about your interior project. No guesswork or imagination needed! I can provide you with style direction and clear project strategy to help you move forward. Contact me for a chat!

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