Tales of the unexpected

Modern farmhouse interior

Adding that unexpected element to every style of decor makes your home unique and interesting. If you have an historic house, add something modern or if you have a contemporary add antique or vintage.

Modern farmhouse is a great way to have fun with a wonderful combination of minimalist and country chic. This eclectic look celebrates freedom and individuality. Mix the old and new to get a super comfy vibe. Dig out your unique charity shop finds, hand me downs and family heirlooms. Mix up the decades and different historical elements to get an interesting unique mix.

Its all about a low-key combination of stark minimalism and country chic elements. But having said all that, it works better as a pared down look. Don't go mad and clutter it all up, you do need to edit just a little bit to ensure every item gets its space and they all work together.

Need to find space for a family heirloom?

This unexpected element, may be serendipity in the case of Abbey and James above, who have just moved into their newly renovated coastal house with amazing sea views. Abbey's parents thought it might be a good idea if the family piano (currently living in Abbey's childhood home) has a new lease of life in their new house. Hmmh, no pressure, there then. We had already designed a built in bookcase underneath the eves bulkhead in the living room, using a vibrant burnt orange as a background to the shelving unit.

Easily accommodated in its new corner spot opposite the sunny window, the denseness of the solid black offsets the orange. We also had fun by adding Liberace style candelabra and other vintage items, including black and white prints and a refurbished vintage stool. Instant character!

Historic house with modern vibe

Its fairly easy to add an unexpected item into any scheme as long as you find the right spot. For example, in the 18th century living room above, the dark beams had been stripped and painted white and the small square paned windows were uncluttered with simple neutral blinds. There was a great space between the 2 window seats for a glorious technicolour pig painting (it was a country house after all) and the colours were referenced in the window seat cushions.

The area around the woodburner had a traditional chesterfield, so we paired with two contemporary lounge chairs, adding a contemporary green light fitting. A cosy corner is given a modern treatment with another vibrant painting and a blue toned otterman making up a snug corner between a window seat looking out onto the garden.

Add character to a contemporary setting

Easily done, with a retro chair or an antique mirror. This cosy corner in a London flat with a sloping roof is a perfect setting for a characterful retro tan leather chair. Putting together a picture gallery in your modern house? Don't limit yourself to standard prints when you can have a Van Gogh or a Vermeer on your living room wall! Adds a bit of class mate.

The last picture is a new extension with exposed brick, which always adds warmth and character to any style of house. Paired here with a luxurious velvet sofa, plants and accent lighting.

Mix it up in the kitchen

Juxtaposing different colours and textures is easy to replicate and also budget-friendly. Colour blocking works just as well in the kitchen as anywhere else in the house. Contrasting surfaces and textures are used in this example of dark blue Shaker style units with marble worktops. The Victorian style painted cabinets in this kitchen take up one whole wall as a prominent feature.

Like some remote help with your interior project?

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