The primaries: timeless red, blue, green

"Color is a power which directly influences the soul." Wassily Kandinsky

Color can affect your emotions, without you realising it. Red symbolizes energy. Blue has a calming effect and can help you focus and concentrate. Green is associated with nature, tranquility and balance. Yellow and orange breed positivity and happiness.

The power of colour

Brands have long recognised the power of colour to connect their brand to its market. Spending billions to ensure their message is effective connecting with us to use colour to evoke emotion - known as labelling. What do you think about the brands shown – are they aligned with the right label?

Still living with magnolia?

Now the standard colour for landlords or builders or people trying to sell their property (they don’t really like it but hope others will).

Thought safe to appeal to wide number of people and takes the hassle out of making a colour decision. Developers think the homeowner will change the colour when they move in to personalise the space. But homeowners don’t want to make a decision either so just live with it.

Are you thinking its time to embrace some bold colour, but don't know where to start? Take a look at how I have helped clients put colour into their projects.

Bold colour that won't date

Think about it. Magnolia is supposed not to date and appeal to everyone, but sticking to one small section of the colour chart, can mean eternal bland and boring,. You don't have to go all out painting everything in one colour. Take a look at my suggestions to add some drama to your scheme by highlighting doors, architecture or just adding an accent or a feature.

Bold, rich tones are timeless and never go out of style. If it doesn't work, get the paintbrush out, you don't need to be wedded to any colour!

Go for a bit of drama with red

Red is generally thought of as the scariest colour to decorate with, but its great for highlighting architecture or doorways to add drama and energy to a scheme. The key to getting this right is balance. Counter deep shades with light-colored furniture, accents and natural lighting to keep the space from feeling too heavy. A bit of perspective helps too, seen in the doorway to the ensuite on the right.

Pairing with similar dark toned colours, such as a deep blue added a dramatic and playful mood to this 11 year old's boys bedroom. The pop of red accents in the furniture and decor together with the broad red stripe created an illusion of width and space in this very small room.

The bright pepper red and crisp white works as a broken space perspective in Nerys' dining area. The space is well balanced and proportioned and offset with black accents to ground the whole scheme.

Optimistic and cheerful orange

Are you creative? The Pixar movie teams on initiating a new movie project brainstorm in a dark blue room to encourage focus and concentration on ideas. When they've got an original concept they move to an orange space to encourage inspiration and creativity. Preferably listening to music which helps with inventiveness and originality .

This rooftop extension room had awkward bulkhead triangles at each end of the room. Used to good effect by installing an asymetric bookcase with a small media unit underneath. I love the name of this paint, Charlotte's Locks, by F&B which I like to think was inspired by someone's flowing red hair!

I designed this Madrid apartment for Ana in a vibrant orange for a friend who I previously worked with. Ana has a lively bright personality, captured in the playful decor and furnishings, as well as reflecting the vibrant energy of Madrid.

Complementing dark blue and white, Charlotte's Locks looks great in a corner of an WFH office space for a break away from the desk. My client works for British Steel and the deep burnt orange is a perfect backdrop for a dramatic night time landscape of the Lincolnshire steelworks.

Moody blues of blue as neutral, but it is being used now in the

We don’t think of blue as neutral, but it is being used now in the same way as grey. Striking in décor or luxurious velvet. A dark dramatic look for this study (also works wonderfully well if you have a north facing living room). The dark gold Greek key wallpaper adds richness..

Dark blue is surprisingly versatile and the dark walnut furniture and fittings in this room are a great contrast for dark navy and black. The centrally placed, long vertical window, brings in nature and shows off house plants.

A perennial favourite, F&B Hague Blue on the walls and fireplace recesses complement the red brick. The scheme is broken up with white paint on the architecture. Warmth is added with a bright pink sofa and ethnic rug.

This rich teal is at the other end of the sitting room described in the Charlotte's Locks bookcase recess above. These deep, dark, bold colours provide amazing backdrops for artwork, cushions, textiles. They highlight architecture in an interesting way, giving character to a room.

Gorgeous green

Green is predominantly associated with nature, tranquility and balance. Its so flexible, working really well in both period and modern homes. A great backdrop for displaying art and textiles.

This space was the L-part of an L-shaped sitting room. The client wanted an eclectic mix of vintage and modern. F&B Studio green works as sophisticated backdrop for vintage wood tables and industrial style bookcase.

This small modern house makeover involved created a new fireplace wall for an electric fire. F&B Smoke offset the straw coloured hessian. The oak bookcase and shelves, harmonise with the damson sofa and accents of black and dark grey.

The best way to use matchpots?

Give your home some personality and individuality by finding a niche, a focal point wall or perhaps an awkward area of architecture to add a primary colour in the right shade. Don't paint the wall with matchpots. Paint a piece of lining paper with a match pot colour. Pin it on different walls and take a look at various times of day to see how the light works on the colour in the space. It should become evident whether it sings or not!

Like some remote help with your interior project?

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