What colours work with dark blue?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Dark or navy blue is a staple wardrobe colour and works great as a base colour accessorised with nearly every other colour you can think of. It works with interiors too, although you do have to give consideration to the emotion or mood associated with the specific colour to ensure it partners well with the function of the room.

A recent client, Scott, was keen to include F&B Hague Blue in his south facing living room. I have included images of the sliding windows wall above to illustrate how we made the paint choice. He liked my suggestion of pairing F&B Hague Blue with Little Green's Middle Buff (bottom right). This mustard/ochre colour has a grounding effect and the earthy feel stands up well to the dark blue.

Scott already has a collection of wood and metal items in an industrial style, so he was keen to enhance this approach and the Middle Buff was the chosen winner for the sliding doors wall onto the garden. Emerald green and blush pink worked also, but because we wanted to promote an industrial style the Middle Buff had a robust edge on other colours. What colour would you choose?

Pairing colours with dark blue

Dark Blue is now a staple neutral and seen everywhere. Its a powerful colour that gives instant authority to any space and works beautifully as a background to furniture, accessories etc. If you want to add depth and intimacy pair it with dark green as both colours have similar attributes. Add vintage accessories to give the space a timeless feel. One of my favourites is the jewel scheme (top left) using vibrant oranges, reds and greens of the same tone. This works well with metals bringing a sense of energy and playfulness to a room. I also love burnt orange with its energy, intensity and liveliness. But not a good idea if you want a calm, restful living room!

Blush pink softens the impact of dark blue and is commonly seen in bedroom schemes. Pink also provides warmth and cosiness, so a good choice for a bedroom scheme.

Having the right colour palette from the start with complementary furniture is a great start. Scott wanted to get on with it quickly. and it was easy to create a colour palette that was exactly right for him. He now has a clear plan, easy to follow for painting, sourcing furniture and accessories. Job done!

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