Your home should tell your story, not someone else's, but its not easy, how do you translate your story into a unique interior?

The above is a dining area in my last house. We created panelling and an antique fireplace, so was a good place to start showcasing some of my old things hung on to for years! All the labelled items are charity shop finds or ebay. I love the feeling of taking an unwanted item and giving it a new place.

Curate your possessions and turn into a scheme

We all have a houseful of holiday souvenirs, gifts from birthdays/Christmas from our friends and family that we love and wouldn't be parted from. Everyone has an element of junk that lives somewhere in the house. We threaten to declutter and chuck stuff out, but you find yourself picking up pieces and putting it back again. It feels ruthless throwing stuff away or sending to charity shops if it still has a memory attached to it. I am guilty of this. But if you give something its own space, and curate it with other pieces, (this is what they do in museums and even the ugly stuff looks amazing!)

Choose one object to inspire you

Sort through and re-purposing your most loved things to give them centre stage and show them off. There's a real feel good factor to this as you can feel proud of finding something old or unique fitting into your scheme. Much better than going to a shop and buying something new which to be honest, may be a copy of your fabulous item anyway. Trust me, this also gives the item a new lease of life. Collection of 1960s glass shown with my Bristol Blue below.

An electic look needs simple decor as a story background

In our last house which was Victorian, we used Little Green, Slaked lime which is a lovely, chalky paint everywhere in the house and real oak flooring to give it a contemporary look, but the real story in this room tells you I like characterful things, reading, travelling and collecting. Mixing the two styles together gives you a great eclectic, original design. Its gotta be a lot better than matchy, matchy any day!

Be inspired with one item, a small bowl or a picture you love

Any object you love can start you off on your own journey that ends in a great scheme. Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.. If you are starting from scratch on a new scheme, then all the single design elements have to combine to relate together to get that unified, seamless look. This takes knowledge, skill and experience. An easier alternative to this is to take what you've already got and create your own unique interior theme or design.

Need help with decluttering and find your little gems to start creating your unique and individual home story? Get in touch!

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