WFH; the new normal?

Home is our hero now that so many of us are working from home, are you thinking about why you had to go into the office at all?

Way before Covid my last company in global tech all worked remotely, on video conferences, chat groups, remote access to tools etc. And in late Feb/early March Microsoft and Google stopped asking their employees to go into the office.

From an employer perspective some companies are reimbursing employees for home office set ups which also may have H&S considerations.

Companies may also have to review their internet investment. ISPs are fearing that peak traffic usage surging in the day, is spiking at in the evening when we all get going on Netflix and bored kids spend hours on Fortnight.

But for workers it may just mean working from a different environment. Just think of it, no long commutes and being able to be with a family member if they get sick. Nice to be varied with some connection with humanity now and again though!

This current crisis will set precedents making it hard to decline an employee request for homeworking in the future. What are your thoughts?

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