Zoom backdrops - revealing?

WFH from home permanently and still need to improve your home working space? Alongside designing living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, my clients also need zoom worthy office spaces. They need them to be interesting and cheerful for their audience to engage with. See some examples below.

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For those of us WFH on a permanent basis regularly working on Zoom, the home background facing the audience has become a subject of keen interest. I am easily distracted by interviewees waffling away on the telly, looking at their home space background, trying to work out how they want to be perceived. Are the books or objects accidental or always been there? Or have they been recently curated to give the viewer a coded insight in their true personality or character? Hmmh.

What's on your bookshelf?

The giveaway for using Zoom as self promotion is the book shelf display. Usually prominent hardbacks face the camera with their name on it, or if they are not a published author then books strategically placed on political idealogy, philosophy or business strategy is a sure sign they want to be thought of as deep and serious thinker.

Want to be perceived as knowledgeable and well rounded? Ensure a wide variety of subjects, fiction, biographies, politics, science, history, travel, self-help, cook books, etc. Maybe just a job lot from a charity shop, but the thought has been planted.

Edit your bookshelf so that items are not crammed in. This makes it difficult to identify unique and individual objects. Give your audience something lovely to gaze at whilst they drift off, appearing to look interested!

No conventional workspace?

Do you work from your kitchen or bedroom? Below are images from two clients who had transformed corners of their homes into a WFH space. Scott works for an artisan bakery company so his kitchen was more useful as a place of work then a desk, and his loyal companion enjoys the shelter of the kitchen table whilst waiting for titbits.. A laptop on the kitchen table nearby for when he zoomed the office. Phil, had a disused hallway (never used as an entrance), so enough room for a screen division and an exact fitting table placed across the glass door giving him privacy as well as daylight.

Charlotte, below is a city lawyer in living in a small flat in Bristol Harbour. I managed to chisel out a great working space aligned by a window and another, alternative bonus space in the kitchen area, which works as a flexible working/dining space.

Sitting on the sofa for your Zooms?

As well as sitting pretty on your sofa (remember to raise your laptop or phone up to level with your face, you don't want people to look up your nose!) Its a perfect excuse for a gallery wall. Placed strategically over your sofa, its the most creative way to show off your skills as a curator and art collector! Place your largest piece in the centre and work everything around it. It may be easier to place all your pictures on the floor or bed and make a plan before fixing to the wall.

Hero statement or a feature wall?

Don't have the time or inclination to put together a gallery wall? Try a hero or statement piece. A large print, poster or painting. I love the one on the right which is a collection of ethnic doors. It provides a great focal point for your audience to focus on whilst listening to you of course!

Like help to put your Zoom background together?

Talk to me about what I can do for you. I can help you find a solution within your budget. I have special offers running for a limited time, also makes a great Christmas gift. Get in touch!

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