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Updated: May 21

Are you working on a project?

Stuck on a project with a lot of questions? Share your space on a 1 hour zoom with me to get all your burning questions answered. Whether its sourcing, layout, construction, furniture, decor, lighting, accessories I have all the answers. Book online now!

Share your space

In one hour you will have all the answers to your tricky decor, style, furnishings, lighting and accessories questions!

Define your Style

Do you know your personal style or still on that journey? Where do you get your inspo from? There is so much noise on home decor inspiration floating around, you may have wasted time, money and energy on items that don’t fit your with your space. I can help define your interior style, but more importantly help find those pieces that inspire you and fit into your space,

Find your Decor

For your specific space, how you want to feel when you walk into it? Choosing the right colours is important in evoking that certain mood. Finding the right harmonious colour scheme for you gives you a sense of balance and proportion. What are the colours that encourage positive feelings and work for you personally?

Source your Furniture

Do you have furniture you love and don't want to replace or perhaps just add or update a few items? What are your main focal points? Does the room flow with good circulation points? Maybe just moving or re-positioning items can make for immediate improvement. Do you need to zone for activities or cut down on clutter but don't know where to begin? I can help you get a new perspective on your existing furniture or help with a new space layout.

Discover your Lighting

Lighting should be a complementary feature in any room, it can highlight the room's best points and disguise the negative.. Yet, frequently we end up with lighting that fails to achieve these goals. In the worst case scenario, did you know poorly chosen or inappropriate lighting looks bad but it also costs more money to run? Let me advise on any lighting errors in your home to help identify the right shapes and types of lighting to enhance your space.

Add or edit Accessories

Accessories are a great way to add, warmth, character and interest to any room. They complement your style and decor or make a statement with an unexpected element of surprise. But too many accessories can overwhelm a room with too much stuff. Easily crossing over to cluttered. You may need advise on re-positioning your art work or gallery by streamlining create more of an eye catching statement. I can help you identify those items that really enhance the room and help you with other suggestions you may not have thought of.

Need help with your interior project? Go straight to Contact me now to make a booking to get all your questions answered and real help and advice for only £75! I can provide you with style direction and a clear project strategy to help you move forward.


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