Rural cottage - new space layout

Fiona's terraced rural cottage had a long narrow layout. Unloved and needing an extensive remodel, the downstairs bathroom and dated kitchen needed better space planning.  Also bring the garden and country views into the house.  

We installed a cosy, wood burner in the front living room and relocated the kitchen to the centre.  A more efficient layout  with enough space for table and and chairs.  We also squeezed in another unit under the stairs.   This opened up the external back wall to install sliding doors with a seating area to gaze at the view.  The cottage now works well with improved flow.

Fiona Fitzerald,


"Although I was excited about my first house purchase on my own  (a tiny 2 bed cottage), it was daunting as it needed complete renovation.  But Annie coached me through my fears, and I was able to see the exciting potential with her ideas right from the start. She completely got my style, country, but with a contemporary look.  Its still a work in progress, but I'm enjoying the journey with her help and support."

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