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Sue's kitchen remodel

"Here’s the thing. We have been debating ‘update’ versus ‘move’ for years. Our lovely house has been a family home for over 25 years, but now looking tired and in need of a makeover. Annie spotted the challenge during our first conversation and spent time understanding what did/didn’t work, what pieces were important; colour palettes, textures and shapes. It was challenging, illuminating and - most importantly lit a spark of excitement about possibilities where the prospect had felt daunting and a massive chore. Annie's images had both of us buzzing and keen to get started with ideas we both love. Being able to see the kitchen in 3D was so helpful - when you are considering big (expensive) changes, its hard to visualise making commitment difficult. Annie's colour, decor and lighting suggestions, are so reassuring to see in an actual setting. This is the first time we have used a service like this, and would not hesitate to recommend Annie to anyone.   It has really helped us and I am confident we'll achieve a workable, homely space that looks great."

Sue Ross

Midsomer Noton

See all the possibilities from every angle,
furniture, decor, lighting, accessories

Debate over, decision made, new kitchen restructure 

This was a real dream kitchen story.  Sue and husband had been debating their new kitchen for years, but couldn't agree on how it would work as they were unable to imagine or visualise it.  The concept was to knock through their galley kitchen wall to the garage and use some of the space. But as they couldn't agree style and layout, they were unable to make a start for years! But the second they saw my visuals with a new kitchen layout,  it sparked a sense of excitement as they saw the potential. 


 In fact,  the next day Sue contacted builders and kitchen retailers. The final result was a crisp white and navy kitchen design, complete with island and breakfast bar.  Plenty of sociable space for visitors, family and friends to get together.   It was so great to help Sue find her motivation to get started with the project and start planning immediately!

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Before photos