Vibrant apartment, Madrid

Tower block apartment, Madrid_reduced.jpg

I worked in London with Ana and when she moved back to Madrid, she messaged me with a dinky sketch "Can you help design my apartment"? . Apart from a tiny kitchen, the space was open plan and a challenge at 9m x 6m to design, but a small space is similar to large space, its all about definition.  

Ana was lucky as she had three floor to ceiling windows in her high tower block apartment, allowing lots of light, but needing shade during the day from the hot Madrid sun.   Ana has a lively bright personality, which I wanted to capture, as well as the vibrant  energy of Madrid.  She was delighted with it!

Ana Gomez, 

"I worked with Annie in London and when I moved back to Madrid, my tiny one space apartment badly needed an update and a clever use of space to make it comfortable and stylish.  

Annie helped so much to identify and zone the available space to ensure I created a stylish and homely apartment in such a small space.  She did it all remotely using my floor plans scribbles!  Now my go-to designer for interiors!

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