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Madrid apartment

Vibrant apartment, Madrid

"I worked with Annie in London and when I moved back to Madrid, my tiny one space apartment badly needed an update and a clever use of space to make it comfortable and stylish.   Annie helped so much to identify and zone the available space to ensure I created a stylish and homely apartment in such a small space.  She did it all remotely using my floor plans scribbles!  Now my go-to designer for interiors!
Modern Young Girl

Ana Gomez


See all the possibilities from every angle,
furniture, decor, lighting, accessories

Tower block apartment, Madrid_Living and Dining Room-65.png

Remodel layout for
zoning and definition

If you have a very small space take some time to consider and plan the layout and function before the decor and aesthetics.  A bit of a disciplined exercise, but its all about definition and zoning to make the space work for you.  I used to work with Ana in London and when she moved back to Madrid, she contacted me to help design her tiny 9m x 6m apartment. 


The apartment had three floor to ceiling windows, lots of light, yes, but needs shade from the hot Madrid sun.  Ana has a bright, lively personality and I wanted to capture that as well as the energy of Madrid, we are both delighted with the result!