Victorian Terrace Frome

Remodel the old layout for living and dining defintion

Old houses are subjected to frequent restructure and change over the years and Louise' Victorian terrace had a confusing ground floor layout with two fireplaces, two sitting areas and a dining area in the centre.  We had to remove an awkward stub wall (left over from the last restructure) so the area could be opened up for a new layout of flexible seating and dining area next to the kitchen.  The kitchen (also due for a makeover) was connected to the garden courtyard and Louise planned to install sliding doors between the two.  Final decor was soft minimalist,   with natural accents.  This exactly suited Louise' style and personality and created further overall definition to the scheme. 

Louise image.jpg
Louise McCarron,

"My consultation with Annie visualised my tired, dated Victorian 2-bed terrace as a stylish, contemporary home with an open plan layout.

Being able to see how different furnishings and colour schemes impact the light and mood was really helpful, and it’s amazing how the software lets you 'walk' around your future home!

I thoroughly recommend contacting Annie when planning major renovations. I now feel more confident about making major structural changes (and avoiding expensive mistakes!), as well as creating a cohesive interior style for my home.

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