Victorian Terrace Update

 Louise's terrace had good width for a Victorian, but a confusing layout.  Plan to open up and redefine a sociable seating and dining area maintaining the two fireplaces.  A kitchen update  is also planned and replacing the window with sliding doors to link the courtyard garden.  

Removing the partial stub wall from the previous wall removal between the ground floor rooms revealed a completely open plan area, increasing light and space.  This allowed us to zone into flexible seating areas.  Louise finally chose a contemporary soft blush pink scheme with natural accents, continuing into the new kitchen. Sliding doors also increased the  light and space.

Louise image.jpg
Louise McCarron,

"My consultation with Annie visualised my tired, dated Victorian 2-bed terrace as a stylish, contemporary home with an open plan layout.

Being able to see how different furnishings and colour schemes impact the light and mood was really helpful, and it’s amazing how the software lets you 'walk' around your future home!

I thoroughly recommend contacting Annie when planning major renovations. I now feel more confident about making major structural changes (and avoiding expensive mistakes!), as well as creating a cohesive interior style for my home.

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