Hire an Interior Designer?

An interior designer with an experienced eye can pull everything together.  But not everyone can afford the fees and time for home visits.  Many of us actually want to control our own design decisions for our individual style.

What's the alternative, DIY?

Youtube video_edited.jpg

You can watch YouTube videos, but they give a false sense of confidence.  The expert's role is to work their magic to make complicated jobs look easier.   Within 10 secs this presenter had created a floor plan, list of purchases and about to go shopping.  You'd need to watch a lot of videos to get this good!  

Combine your vision + our skills.

Have the best of both worlds. Take control of all your design elements and combine it with our interiors coaching support with accessible, online, technical design tools.  


We provide you with the right amount of knowledge and support to complete your project . From the initial design phase to finished project, to bring your unique vision  to life.  

Patricia Simillon

"Annie has been very helpful as a coach.  She has excellent listening skills and a very soft human side that allows her to target the right issue in a very tactful manner. Annie is reliable and trustful and has been my go to person for any coaching needs.   I will therefore strongly recommend her."